Colleges & Education

We can offer you plenty of options as to which universities and colleges will be good for you or your children

Importance of professional consultancy upon College and Universities admission

Getting a placement in the college or university of your choice can be a pretty challenging task. However, you can cut down all the guesswork, make the whole process simplified and increase your chances significantly if you get the assistance of a professional consultancy firm. You must accept the fact that there is an immense competition out there among the students to get a placement. The best way to overcome this competition and secure a placement is to seek the assistance of a professional like Dubai Multi Market Services.

Generally, we have experience and practical knowledge in getting students into their preferred colleges and universities. If you need to win the game of college and universities admission, as a student, you really need this help.

– We help you finding the best universities or schools

As a student, you may not have a clear idea about the best colleges and universities that offer superb opportunities; in most of the cases, students have an indefinite idea about your best possible match in terms of a college or a university. However, an expert like Dubai Multi Market Service can offer you plenty of ideas as to which universities and colleges will be the perfect fit.

– We help you with the application procedure

Experts like Dubai Multi Market Services know ins and outs of the application process. They will take the trouble of reviewing your application prior to sending it to the college or the university you are applying to. At the end of this review, they will let you know if the application needs any adjustments. In a nutshell, such professional can help you out with all the paperwork and reduce the chances of getting our application rejected.

When selecting a consultant, however, you should be careful to end up with the correct service provider. Be sure that you check for their track record and amount of experience they have in the field before you get their services. In addition to that, you should read the feedbacks of other students about the potential consultancy service. Dubai Multi Market Services is such vendor that possesses a wealth of experience, professionalism and highest amount of success rate when it comes to college and universities admission.


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Import from China, India, UAE

A professional company like ours are capable of finding right suppliers, initial discussions and meetings with suppliers.

Importing from China, India, UAE

China and India are countries that manufacture various types of goods ranging from food varieties to electronic items.  Because of trade hub, UAE and its free zones also provides manufacturing and packaging  of goods from different regions of the world. Many entrepreneurs across the globe are highly enthusiastic about start importing from China and India due to the affordable prices and the quality of the products.

To start an import from China, India or UAE,  we can help you in your endeavours.

– Decide the product to import

If you are interested in new business, first of all, you must have a clear idea about the product you are going to import. You must precisely know your product requirements. DubaiMMS can help you to  suggests which products are feasible to import from these countries.

– Find a reliable supplier

It is exceptionally important to find a reliable supplier when you start an import business. In fact, there are plenty of good suppliers in India and China; all you need is to get the consultation of a professional agency to find a good supplier. A professional company like ours are capable of finding right suppliers, initial discussions and meetings with suppliers. You should remember that your business depends majorly on the standards of the supplier.

– Arrange logistics

Logistics is another essential part of your import business specially from China and India. Without a reliable and fast logistic service, you can hardly succeed. To find a logistic vendor, you can seek our assistance.  A professional vendor like us has a powerful network of connections; they will utilize their connections to get you the most affordable and reliable logistic service. Besides, we can assist you in finding transportation services to distribute your products within the country.

– Decide the price

The price of the products based on the volume. You should also consider other costs when importing the products.

Now that you know what product you are going to import, from which seller it comes from and what price you are going to apply, it is time to market your product. You should make use of the power of social media and other online tools to promote your business.

To make the whole process easier, you should be smart enough to get the assistance of a business formation agent/consultant like Dubai Multi Market Services. They can do the coordination part perfectly and get your business up and running..


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International Trade – Import Export

Setting up a new business or just help you in your import export. Finding supplier to product at your destination.

Setting Up An Import And Export Business

Setting up an import and export business is a combination of various tasks. In this article, we are going to emphasize the most important details related to setting up such business.

Build a solid business plan

Import and export business requires a solid plan before everything else. Your business plan should include information related to aspects like: the type of the market, products you import and export, office and staff requirement, business strategy, investment etc. In this case, we strongly recommend you to get the assistance of a professional like Dubai Multi Market Services to get your business plan prepared. Such professional will assist you in choosing an appropriate business activity too.

Setting up your import export business in a free zone

If you want the total ownership of the company, you will have to set your business up in a free zone. If not, you can go for a local company formation (you will own 49% of the shares while a local sponsor owns the rest).

Obtaining licenses

You will be needing to obtain various licenses when setting up an import and export business. Depending on the type of the goods you intend to import and export, the licenses you may want to obtain may vary. This is another instance in which you will require the assistance of a business formation agent like Dubai Multi Market Services; they can coordinate with all the relevant authorities to get the required licenses quicker and easier.

How to import and export

As an import export company, you will be able to engage in different types of businesses.

01. Business between a free zone company and a local company

Although free zones are located within the country itself, it is not included in the respective country’s customs territory. So, there will be special measures to take if you intend to do business with a local company. For instance, you will have to obtain an importer code through the customs

02:  Import from a foreign country to free zone:

No tax or duties will be applicable on free zone companies when it comes to importing. However, the type of the goods you import and the trade license determine the other conditions. It requires a variety of documents including import permits for goods that are restricted.

To make the whole process easier, you should be smart enough to get the assistance of a business formation agent/consultant like Dubai Multi Market Services. They can do the coordination part perfectly and get your business up and running..


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Property Investment & Management

Our goal is to manage and maintain the best and offer the highest quality property management services. With our friendly look-after, we will not treat you as a business client but our partners/friend.

Dubai Multi-Market Service property management services

Firstly, property management service is a special type of service that investors (property owners) can get from a property management company, to assist and help them in both acquiring, managing and maintaining all their properties. There are three different types of properties, which are residential, commercial, and rental properties. With the help of property management service, you will be saved from a lot of property management and maintenance related troubles. Apart from this, there are still a lot of things that you can get from this special kind of service.

On the other hand, property investment is one of the best modes of securing your finances as the value of the property keeps on growing over the years. And if you rent it or lease it, you can continue to get steady income from it. But to make your property a good money-making investment, you need to consider the help of property management service, that has good experience of handling all such issues.

These days, it is prevalent to see people investing in other countries property and looking for best Property management services in maintaining it. A property management company takes the various responsibilities such as choosing a right place location wise to invest, buying and selling properties, renting leasing and maintaining of the property, taking all responsibilities in bringing some sufficient income from these properties.

That’s why we help you carry out all these property management services in an effective manner. DubaiMMS is one of the well-known management service company that’s capable of assisting you with property investment and management related issues. Starting from choosing a right place location wise, acquiring protecting and managing your property, and also, making it a better investment to increase the worth to gain the maximum out of your investment. We will also be giving you advises and recommendations on how you can further improve your property.

Operating successfully for years,   DubaiMMS can rightfully lay claim to being one of the best company offering reliable property management services in the region real estate markets. We have created a niche for ourselves in the specialized market of property management.  A comprehensive range of services in the property management segment offered by us includes but is not limited to:

  • Real estate buying
  • Contracting for Advertising
  • Personal Showings Screening of Applicants
  • Documentation and Leases
  • Check-In/Check-Out Procedures
  • Collection of Rent and Fees
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Drill-down financial reports
  • And other legal issues

When it comes to leasing out a property, the real estate investor has many issues to consider. Besides, the law in the state is clear and states all the points. The investor may not have the knowledge or experience that is required to lease the property; at the same time, they would be taking a significant risk. When a professional property manager is hired, most of your problems are solved. We help in a mutually beneficial relationship between the property manager and the property owner, both of whom are happy with this arrangement.

The reasons to consider DubaiMMS as your best choice when buying, choosing right place location wise and thinking about returns and also managing your property in the long run with rentals and real estate company. There are certain vital things that Dubai Multi-Market Service can do for the property owner/investor. Which are:

  • Making sure that the investment that has been made by the investor gets its actual value. It means that once the property has been purchased and the owner decides to sell off the property, then he/ she get a good return on the investment that was made.
  • They get the best rent for the property that has to be leased out and advertise the property through different channels, screen prospective tenants, and procure tenants least likely to give problems and the most likely to pay a higher rent.
  • The property manager will screen the tenants according to the housing law of the state and jurisdiction. They will take into consideration all aspect of Disabilities Act along with discrimination. They will also consider issues that can harm the property.
  • The manager will provide the peace of mind by handling all legalities and procedural matters when leasing out the property. A tenant has access to the property manager and knows whom to approach for minor problems without contact with the owner.
  • Keeps a tab on the property even when the owner is far away. We can also make payment of taxes and utility service bills, minor repairs and upkeep of all facilities in the apartment. A property manager may also have suggestions to increase the market value of the property.
  • Most importantly, we get the rent in time from the tenants and remit it to the owner promptly.

Restructured and strengthened with professionals in management, marketing, legal and financial sectors we have leveraged our brand image and skills to get higher returns for our clients. We manage a vast array of properties in the whole of Dubai real estate markets successfully. Our goal is to manage and maintain the best and offer the highest quality property management services. With our friendly look-after, we will not treat you as a business client but our partners/friend.

It is imperative that you consult DubaiMMS to be sure that you will always get the best value for the money that you will be spending. Excellent service to owner and tenant is the cornerstone of our business policy. We are one stop solution for property owners, investors, and tenants who are looking for property rentals. We are a management company and conduit between real estate agents and investors that takes out the hassle some consider involved in owning and maintaining rental property. We can immensely help property owners regarding managing their properties and then renting it to reliable tenants.


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Free Zones

The prospective investors must remember that each free zone may offer unique benefits depending on aspects like locations, facilities, industry etc.

The concept of free zones has become exceptionally effective in attracting large amounts of foreign investments. In addition to that, free zones are responsible in drawing technological expertise, growth of transshipment and reexports in the region. Because of the success of this concept, all the emirates took necessary steps to implement free zones. Nowadays, these free zones generate considerable number of employments, attract inward investment and help achieving substantial economic development eventually.

Here are some of the benefits companies can experience by operating from free zones.
  • They are free from taxes (corporate and personal)
  • They don’t have any restrictions in repatriating capital and profits
  • Very reasonable import duties on all the goods (excluding tobacco and spirits)
  • Fullest freedom for exchanges
  • Plenty of energy at very low rates
  • Most importantly, they grant complete ownership of the companies without any restrictions

Moreover, the prospective investors must remember that each free zone may offer unique benefits depending on aspects like locations, facilities, industry etc.

What sort of business entities you can establish in these free zones?
In general, 3 types of business entities are allowed within the free trade zones.

  •  A branch of a company (both foreign or local companies are permitted)
  •  FZE (Free Zone Establishment) that has a single shareholder
  •  FZE (Free Zone Establishment) that has multiple shareholders (from 2 to 5 shareholders)
Reasons to setup a business in free zones

There are plenty of reasons for a foreign entrepreneur to setup a business in free zones. However, the main reason is the freedom they offer in terms of ownership;

If you are a foreigner, and you set up a company outside the free zones, your ownership of the company will be limited to 49%. However, if you set up a company inside a free zone, you are eligible for 100% ownership.

In addition to that, following reasons may encourage entrepreneurs to set up business in free zones.

  • Plethora of options in terms of business licenses
  • Permission to operate under high level of confidentiality
  • Ability to have a registered office within the zone
  • Can operate under a bank account opened outside the UAE

Setting up a company in free trade zone in the UAE can take up to one week. In addition to that, it will take about 3 weeks for a foreigner to get residence visa.  However, all these things can be done seamlessly if you get the assistance of an experienced business formation agent.  If not, the process can be pretty harder for a foreign citizen and obviously it might take longer than you expect.

We are willing to help foreign entrepreneurs to set up businesses from scratch. Our  experienced professionals will make the entire registration process effortless and help you getting the company up and running sooner than you expect.


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Operations and Management

We have expertise in the operations and management and work with extreme intelligence and care while managing the affairs of the company

Your Business

If you have an old established business or have started a new and working hard every day to turn it into a profitable entity, then you must have an expert by your side who can manage the most important tasks of your daily routines efficiently.
Only a person with the right kind of experience can manage in the most professional manner because he knows how to handle every difficult situation that can arise under any circumstances.
With more than 20 years of experience in managing business I have helped a lot of them to flourish and have lookafter the affairs of many small and big firms.
I have handled various departments of the different companies including the sales, the marketing, the recruitment and their operations. I have gained this experience through hard work, passion and determination.

Operations and Management

Operations management refer to the management of the processes used for the production and provision of the services. It makes sure that an organization is doing well and is converting the inputs to outputs efficiently.
An operations manager’s duty is to make sure that the company’s service production and provision processes are running smoothly and that the company is working to the best of its capability. It is a tough job and requires intelligence and skills.

Challenges in the Operations and Management

The current business world is not an easy place to work in. Things change within seconds and you need to be updated about every second. In such situation the operations management becomes a very challenging field to work in and the processes are very difficult to handle.
The major problems that the company’s face in operations management and the challenges that the operation managers work with currently are as follows:

  • Winning the competition : 
    Earth has now become a global village. Everyone is connected to everyone else in the world and this has made the competition even more tough. A single company is not only in competition with another company right across the street, but it also has to compete the company on the other side of the world.To compete with the big companies, the quality needs to be increased while the prices need to be lower to remain in the competition. If the prices are too high there is a chance of loss. This particular operation is the duty of the operation manager as he is the one responsible for the planning, leading, organizing and controlling the production and provision of the services. The operation manager needs to make sure that the company remains in competition in the market.This responsibility will require intelligence, innovation and extreme hard work from the operation manager.
  • Foreseeing the effects of processes on the future of company: 
    Sustainability of a business can be easily understood as the evaluation of the probability that if the business can keep using its current practices without putting the future in danger. There are often three pillars of sustainability described, namely- environmental, social, and economic. Now it will be the responsibility of the operation manager to work keeping the three pillars mind and the effects that will be imparted on the social, economic and environmental aspects of the business, by the processes that they follow.
  • Working ethically:
    A company must not produce any product or provide any services that are harmful to the environment, humans or animals. The effects of any new technology, animal testing or business deals must be thought through and should be immediately cancelled if the effects are dangerous. Any unethical conduct can prove to be a downfall for the company and can badly damage the reputation of the company. Tyco and Enron are the living examples of it.
  • Communication is the language of leadership:
    Effective communication forms a very important part of a company’s good reputation and signing big deals. The operation manager needs to be a good communicator. He must be in good contact with all the internal and external stakeholders of the company. An effective communication will create a good connection between the employees of the company and will create a friendly environment in the office too. This is necessary to give out a good reputation about your company.
  • System design: 
    The design and the processes being followed by companies must ensure that company is producing high quality services according to the demand and within the time frame. The design, plan and management of the system design all come under the authority of the operation manager and can give a very tough time to even the most experienced operation managers.

Despite all the difficulties, an operation manager must be able to produce high quality work even with all the challenges that he/she is facing.

What do we do
With our experience, we have provided our services to many local businesses, big or small. We have expertise in the operations and management and work with extreme intelligence and care while managing the affairs of the company. We can manage the day to day affairs of your company in your absence.
Why work with us?
  1. My job is my passion: Being a part of the business world is what I have always aspired to do. I work with sheer dedication and passion to complete the tasks that are assigned to me with great efficiency and perfection.
  2. Your business will be my responsibility: When I start working with a business, I take its affairs as my top priority. The business then becomes my responsibility and I work with dedication and passion for it. I strive every day to provide my clients with the best of my services and make their business flourish more and more each day.
  3. Vast experience: My experience in various fields have given me the confidence to handle matters of diverse nature with great care and intelligence.
  4. Diverse fields: I can handle affairs of the sales department, the marketing department, the HR department to name a few. I have been a part of the various fields in the business industry and hence am capable of handling the problems more professionally than a person who has only worked in a single department.
  5. Excellent communication skills My experience of 20 years of working with a lot of different people has taught me a lot and one of them is how to communicate with different people under different circumstances. I have great communication skills and have handled a lot of critical situations with business clients. I understand that only a few words can make or break a deal and this is what I apply to my work.
We work in a variety of fields with the equal knowledge, passion and dedication. We are experts in all of the fields that we work in and have been regarded as the best service providers by all our clients.  We work to make businesses flourish and make them the greatest of their kind.


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Company Formation

To find a place that matches your business and your budget, we can help you out for the right place

Setup a company and to start a business

Even if you fulfill all the legal requirements, setting up a business can be pretty difficult. Therefore, it is always better for residents to seek the assistance of a local business formation agent to get their businesses up and running quicker. Here are some of the tasks you will have to fulfill before starting a business. We believe that the below mentioned tasks are best to be achieved with a local business agent.  Dubai Multi Market Services act as a conduit between service providers and you to offer comprehensive help to start a business in the region from scratch.

01. Type of the business

It depends on the type of the business one can start. Depending on the type of the business, you may obtain an industrial, commercial, or a professional license. However, if your business is related to food trading, jewelry, legal consultation firms or veterinary practice, you will have to get further approvals through other government authorities as well. You may have to contact local authorities if you cannot specify the type of your business precisely.

02. Type of ownership

You can have 100% ownership of the business or if you are a foreign national, you should obtain a license and location in a free zone. Each free zone is dedicated to different business activities. Look out for free zone option in this website. So, your license should be obtained through authorities in the region it can be sole proprietor, partnership like LLC or a private limited company.

03. Trade name for your business

You should pick a trade name for your business and the name you select should depict the nature of your business. In addition to that, there are several other rules to consider when selecting a trade name.

04. Finding an office space and/or warehouse for your business

Now that you meet the legal requirements and have other documents ready, it is time to determine a place for your business.  To find a place that matches your business and your budget, we can help you out for the right place. 

05. Recruitments

Generally, you should recruit a manager to oversee the operations even before your recruitment is approved and that would probably be the first recruitment your company will entail. However, in certain cases, you will not be able to recruit any employee until the registration is approved.

06. Obtain local support

When it comes to obtaining a license for your business, you must have to get the assistance of a local agent. Without the assistance of a local agent, things can be incredibly difficult particularly when it comes to tasks like opening a bank account, finding office and warehouse space etc.

As we mentioned, it is always better to rely on an experienced and knowledgeable agent to help your business formation process. Dubai Multi Market Services can help with opening bank accounts, finding office premises, staffing and many other essential aspects that are mandatory when starting a new business. Also, Dubai Multi Market Services will assist you in dealing with authorities involves in business formation.


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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can do lets you interact with your customers easier and faster.

Why Social Media Marketing is important for your business

As of today, social media has become a norm in the context of marketing. Many businesses across the globe – regardless of their industry and scale – consider social media marketing to be really important due to obvious reasons. If carried out with the assistance of a professional, social media marketing can do wonders. That being said, here’s why social media marketing is important for your business.

01. Social media boosts brand awareness

Practically, social media is among the most convenient, hassle-free and digital marketing tools that are used to boost the visibility of your business. A good social media marketing campaign can connect your business with potential clients. If you carry out your social media marketing campaign with the assistance of a professional like Dubai Multi Market Services, you will notice significant growth.

02. It is incredibly cost-effective

Social media is arguably the most affordable marketing strategy you can think of. Even if you hire a professional to do your social media marketing campaign, it will still be far more cost effective compared to other marketing strategies. If you intend to go for paid advertising, however, we strongly suggest you getting the guidance of an experienced campaigner instead of trying to do it by yourself.

03. Very easy to engage with customers

Social media lets you interact with your customers easier and faster. Such fast response rate increased the credibility of your business and let you enjoy better conversion rates. Customers usually don’t want to wait hours to get their queries answered; through social media, you can communicate with your customers very fast.

04. It promotes brand loyalty

When your customers have an easier and faster way to be in touch with your business, they are likely to be your loyal customers. Such approach, eventually, helps you retain existing customers with more trust and attract new clients too. When you have a solid loyal customer base, your revenue generation becomes more stable. So, promoting your brand loyalty through social media has become an inevitable aspect today.

05. Social media marketing boosts your SEO rankings

As you may know, SEO requirements are constantly changing. Nowadays, you can expect better SERP rankings if you maintain active and relevant social media profile. The businesses that are sharing relevant and useful content through social media gain better search engine rankings than the others.

In addition to the points mentioned above, there are plenty of other benefits associated with social media marketing. That is why almost all the businesses across the globe maintain very strong social media profiles.

However, to experience the true benefits of a social media marketing campaign, you should do it with some dedication, professionalism and consistency. That is exactly why you should hire a professional social media marketing campaigner like Dubai Multi Market Services. They are a team of professionals with many years of experience, loads of creativity and full of updated knowledge. If you hire such professional as your social media marketing agent, it is an investment that delivers both short and long-term benefits.


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