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Your single contact for all your needs – Individual or Companies

Do you need help in UAE or Middle East.   Do you want to set your own business or interested in import of products from UAE, China, India and elsewhere. For setting up business first you want to have survey which zone or location is better and also about your products.  You want someone dedicated to look after your company operations in your absence or you simply want to begin online marketing. Do you want to buy a property but do not want to interact with real estate agents.  Are you concern which university or college is good for your children, in terms of study, fees and accomodation.  We have range of services available for individuals and companies, through phone, messaging or personalised meeting.

The reason you can choose us for your multiple requirements is to give you right information and also help you in completing the process. With our own experience in the Middle East for 25 years we have dedicated people, companies in our network. We first connect with you right people and organization and monitor all their actions, which helps you to remain focus on your objective and save time and money.  You will never be left out by us in your requirement, we will be with you.

  • Consultancy on Phone, Voice chat
  • Discussion through whatsapp, etc.
  • Personalise meetings.

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International Trade

Are you looking to import and export products in Middle East and India? All countries have their own rules and requirements, we can guide and look after your products until it reaches the destination. We have range of products that experienced success in the past.

We can handle all of your import and export affairs.  We have a detailed information about the import, export rules of different countries.  We are doing it for many years and the products have reached their destinations safely. Since all countries have different rules about importing and exporting products, therefore we do the detailed paper work according to each country and make sure the products are delivered and received according to all the state’s laws.

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Trading from China, India, UAE

Wholesale purchases from China, India and UAE. Importing goods from China, India  is not easy. They are very big states and require some real experience to work with.  We can facilitate your trading from India, China and also from UAE . We can help you purchase the most high-quality goods in the decent prices from both the countries.

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Wholesale  Products

For your instant requirement of wholesale products, we ordered and imported variety of products for our clients. With our expertise we can offer you unmatched services. Please see list of products already available for your next import.

When you need to buy some wholesale products immediately, we are at your service. We can find and order the best quality wholes ale products at the most decent prices available.

Business Setup

We can setup your company without going through unforeseen hassles, each and every setup have different options. We listen to your requirements first and offer you the best solutions.

If you are setting up a new business and need an expert help, we got your back. We can help you set up an  all new business with all the legal formalities  as well as the basic business processes that you need to follow. We can provide you with the best solutions to the problems that you might face while setting up a new business. Our solutions are according to your issues and requirements. We work with you and according to your needs.

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Free Zones

There are tens of free zones available in the region, you might not require all but you may like to have different options available. With our experience,  we can save your money and help you choose the best option according to your requirement and budget.   It will become difficult for you to afford a very expensive place, especially if you have a new or still in establishing business, however with us you don’t need to worry about that. We can help you find some great places for your business on very reasonable prices.

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Operations and Management

Company operations and management. With our expertise in resources of vendors and labour supply, we will offer consultation for your business for day to day operations in your absence. Best expertise are available.

Everything goes great if it is managed well. However, if the management fails the whole setup can fail.  We help you manage your company’s affairs efficiently . With our vast experience in the labor supply and We can manage your company’s daily operations in your absence.

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Middle East Marketing

Market study is crucial, if you want to market your product and services in UAE and Saudi Arabia, we can help out with various options to begin with. We can analyse the market study of your products and services, help you find the right distributors and formulate terms and conditions in safeguarding your interests.

Marketing plays a very important role in the success of a business. You need to let people know about you and what you do. And you need to be known as a good brand. We can help you do that.  We provide the marketing services in the Middle East.  Marketing is a crucial field, it is not as easy as it looks. It requires detailed market analysis. We first do a detailed market study about the services that you provide and then we find the right distributors for you who can help you make your brand popular.

Social Media Marketing

Start with minimum expenses, make your presence online by having a simple website and social media identifications. We help you in not only making your presence online, but our programs will help you gradually post content everyday.

Internet has become one of the greatest powers of this time. It has given birth to some of the greatest business of the century. Businesses have flourished and have suffered loss due to the social media marketing. Social media is a great platform for the marketing and promotion of your business. On social media it is easier to be known more quickly and you receive an immediate response.

However, if done wrong, social media can become a nightmare for you. We have experts who deal with the social media marketing and have been in the business for years. They offer the most effective plans for your social media marketing that will make your business flourish and help you have a better connection with your customers, which indeed is very important.

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Properties Investment & Management

Property Investment Consultancy and Management, with workplaces in UAE and India. The business is encountering significant development and requires new proper consultation to help drive the gathering forward. We can offer you an invaluable experience by becoming your sourcing agent, negotiator, find the best deals for your investment.

Investment is a very important part of a business and it needs to be thought through before making an investment. Investment in the wrong place can cause you a big loss of money and reputation too. We can find the best deals for you available in UAE and India. We help you invest in the right places and on the right property. Valuable investment can help your business to flourish and make a good reputation in the business world, after all you need to work with other people and they need to have a good impression of you.

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Colleges and Education

Admission to school, colleges and Universities. We provide consultation for admission, living, visa and other requirements.

We  provide consultation in choosing the best school, college and university. We have expert advisors who will provide you the best option of schools, colleges and universities according to your field and your interests. The institutions that provide the best life style are given priority, who help you become a better person in all ways, both academically and non-academically.

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We work in a variety of fields with the equal knowledge, passion and dedication. We are experts in all of the fields that we work in and have been regarded as the best service providers by all our clients.

We work to make businesses flourish and make them the greatest of their kind.

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