Picking and packing of goods

Picking and packing of goods

The “picking and packing” procedure where items are pulled from several locations of a client and packed together according to customer detailed instructions.  Nuzech supervised the process to ensure proficiency and to handle desired changes in operational requirements.  The final box or product is then delivered to its destination, and the client receives a confirmation of distribution along with updated inventory information.

Benefits of Nuzech Fulfillment


  • Pick and pack distribution is well-organized and time-saving. The process removes the “middle-man” often required when goods must be collected from different storage facilities and then sent somewhere else to be packed and labelled. Pick and pack distribution services allow everything to be done in one place.


  • Pick and pack distribution is cost-effective. The process is meant to handle varying sizes of orders, so minimum order charges usually do not apply.

Short Turnaround Time

  • Highly organized supervision and effective handling practices allow shipments to reach destinations quickly.


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