ERP Solution – Four modules of School Operation

India’s First integrated ERP Solution covering all the four modules of School Operations namely; Administrative, Academics, Finance and Reports. Its Comprehensive and Complete Integrated Solution, Interactive and modular approach. Over 37 different modules of operations. Technically superior in terms of easy access through browser-based application and accessible through multiple devices and platforms. Built on a most robust platform, it has role-based access and can be integrated with external devices like barcode and access card.


  • Staff
  • Student
  • Calendar & Activity
  • Website
  • Attendance
  • Alert
  • Lead Generation
  • New Admission
  • School Committee

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  • Timetable
  • Curriculum
  • Lesson Planning
  • Exam Planning
  • Exam Management
  • Evaluation
  • Additional Assessment
  • Achievement & Certification
  • Roll Over

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  • Fees Module
  • Transport
  • Boarding
  • Assets
  • Inventory
  • Finance

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  • Reports
  • Library
  • Feedback
  • Staff Assessment/Appraisal
  • Administrative Management
  • Security Management

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Integrated Solutions

Pre Admission to all aspects covered, extremely simple but all aspected covered


Individual access ID for every member and communication between each other

Modular Approach

Over 37 different modules of operation, can be adopted in phased manner.

Wide presence all over India, School size range from 150 Students to many thousands, over 1.8 million students enrolled.
Education Plus has already reached several places in Africa and the Caribbean Countries.

Technically Superior

Easy Access

Browser-Based Applications
Anywhere – Anytime
Multiple Devices & Platform

Latest Technology

Built on a robust platform
Dedicated servers with triple backup
Support Multiple Channel SMS, Email

Ease of Use

Role-based Individual & Admin
Multiple Year Data
External devices Bar Code, Access Card

Your team is magical! very impressed with the ability to take on activities and deliver

Palas Chanda, Group CEO – Cyber School, Kenya


1. Administrative


Appointment, Access rights, Documents Management, Resignations, Subjects, Leave Management


Students enrollment, Information, photos, Section Allocation, Reports, Certificates, Fee details, dropouts and TC,


The academic calendar for Parents, Students for the full year, Exams, Events and Holidays, Colour-coded, Sharing & announcement

Website Integration

Controlling the content of School website from the module, Photo Gallery and Events, School Calendar


Simple buttons based attendance, optional RFID, Biometrics devices, One or two shifts, Staff separately, shared with parents


Easy and Simple way of keeping the community updated, SMS, Email, Individual or Batches, Inbox for everyone, reminders like fees, birthdays, HW

Lead Generation

Easy monitoring of all kinds of Enquiries, linked with the future admission process, track details on the website, converting into prospects.

New Admission

Enables easy new admissions, multi-level scrutiny and assessments, dual control finance and academic head

School Committee

Enables Schools to smoothly through various committees, Instant internal communication, copies of minutes, setting meetings, agenda available to all members

2. Academic


Easy and easy to allocate classes, depend on the requirements. Auto check on daily, max class limits. Combination of classes, substitute teachers, special classes


Academic information, once updated by Admin, details available for view on Parents, Students & Teachers module. Also details of recommended books and guides.

Lessons Planning

Self-monitoring activity planner for teachers identifies and reminds activities. Assignment of HW planning, reference materials prior to Lesson preparation, Daily activity report for staff

Exam Planning

Create a question bank, prepare question paper, previous years papers, available only to select staff.

Exam Management

Helps in Scheduling Exams for all Scholastic subjects, maintain information Scoring, Grading and Remarks, manual or bulk upload of scores, grades compilation as per standards, evaluation based on Scholastic and non-scholastic parameters, automatic allocation work as per teacher allocation.

Additional Assessment

A special module for non-standard assessments, report for the individual as well as class-wise tracking. Modules include assessment setup, announcement and end results. Automated SMS alerts and result declaration.


Print and Share all the certificates related to Student, Over 6-8 different certificate templates, Instant sharing with Students/Parents. Accolade details with Class teachers, Rollover Module (Promotion for next class)

3. Finance


Fee definition and allocation, automated fee invoice generation for individual & group, manage the collection, view defaulter list, fee reminder and late fees. Reports Class, Section wise, etc.


Comprehensive transport management covering all activities of transporting students, Automatic updates to parents on the transport facility. Separate transport fees management, Reports monitoring “fleet efficiency” and route loads

Boarding Module

Comprehensive Boarding Management covering all activities of hostel students, Facility Access, Automatic updates to parents, service fees and room utilization efficiency.


Enables tracking of school assets, purchase and disposal, assets code printing, depreciation, predefined assets in application with new additions.


Enables complete tracking of School Disposable/Salable Inventories. Purchase and disposal of School stationary and Uniforms.


Print and Share all the certificates Complete finance module from Vendor addition to P&L Generation. Comprehensive Accounting. Standard product codes. Enables both invoice and collection, Vendor payment and reconciliation.

4. Reports

Reports Module

Reports cover all area of Management, new reports added on daily basis, Over 600+ predefined reports, All reports under admin role. Individual performance reports under teachers, parents and students module. Financial reports for financial role users


Classify books in various categories, sub-categories and types. Separate book issue norms for staff/students/class/category, simple and error-free issue/return, book lost, fine collection, bar codes, easy search.


15 Aspect feedback related to Academic session from students, 20 Aspect feedback related to School from parents, Activation rights with management, Instant graphical feedback on teacher/admin module. Full confidentiality of feedback provider.

Staff Assessment/Appraisal

20 Aspects Appraisal format for teaching staff, based on the international format for assessing teaching skills, two levels self and supervisory, Besides objective feedback, subjective assessment on self initiatives and assigned tasks. Post-self-appraisal, ratings etc. Sharing of feedback

Administrative Management

Enables viewing of dashboards of usage/access by individual users, Administrative Control, tasks, permission, activation. Management Role.

Security Management

Gate pass for every visitor, Pin based authentication from parents for child pickup, a tracker for Vendors, non-school related visitors.


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