Company Formation

To find a place that matches your business and your budget, we can help you out for the right place

Setup a company and to start a business

Even if you fulfill all the legal requirements, setting up a business can be pretty difficult. Therefore, it is always better for residents to seek the assistance of a local business formation agent to get their businesses up and running quicker. Here are some of the tasks you will have to fulfill before starting a business. We believe that the below mentioned tasks are best to be achieved with a local business agent.  Dubai Multi Market Services act as a conduit between service providers and you to offer comprehensive help to start a business in the region from scratch.

01. Type of the business

It depends on the type of the business one can start. Depending on the type of the business, you may obtain an industrial, commercial, or a professional license. However, if your business is related to food trading, jewelry, legal consultation firms or veterinary practice, you will have to get further approvals through other government authorities as well. You may have to contact local authorities if you cannot specify the type of your business precisely.

02. Type of ownership

You can have 100% ownership of the business or if you are a foreign national, you should obtain a license and location in a free zone. Each free zone is dedicated to different business activities. Look out for free zone option in this website. So, your license should be obtained through authorities in the region it can be sole proprietor, partnership like LLC or a private limited company.

03. Trade name for your business

You should pick a trade name for your business and the name you select should depict the nature of your business. In addition to that, there are several other rules to consider when selecting a trade name.

04. Finding an office space and/or warehouse for your business

Now that you meet the legal requirements and have other documents ready, it is time to determine a place for your business.  To find a place that matches your business and your budget, we can help you out for the right place. 

05. Recruitments

Generally, you should recruit a manager to oversee the operations even before your recruitment is approved and that would probably be the first recruitment your company will entail. However, in certain cases, you will not be able to recruit any employee until the registration is approved.

06. Obtain local support

When it comes to obtaining a license for your business, you must have to get the assistance of a local agent. Without the assistance of a local agent, things can be incredibly difficult particularly when it comes to tasks like opening a bank account, finding office and warehouse space etc.

As we mentioned, it is always better to rely on an experienced and knowledgeable agent to help your business formation process. Dubai Multi Market Services can help with opening bank accounts, finding office premises, staffing and many other essential aspects that are mandatory when starting a new business. Also, Dubai Multi Market Services will assist you in dealing with authorities involves in business formation.


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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can do lets you interact with your customers easier and faster.

Why Social Media Marketing is important for your business

As of today, social media has become a norm in the context of marketing. Many businesses across the globe – regardless of their industry and scale – consider social media marketing to be really important due to obvious reasons. If carried out with the assistance of a professional, social media marketing can do wonders. That being said, here’s why social media marketing is important for your business.

01. Social media boosts brand awareness

Practically, social media is among the most convenient, hassle-free and digital marketing tools that are used to boost the visibility of your business. A good social media marketing campaign can connect your business with potential clients. If you carry out your social media marketing campaign with the assistance of a professional like Dubai Multi Market Services, you will notice significant growth.

02. It is incredibly cost-effective

Social media is arguably the most affordable marketing strategy you can think of. Even if you hire a professional to do your social media marketing campaign, it will still be far more cost effective compared to other marketing strategies. If you intend to go for paid advertising, however, we strongly suggest you getting the guidance of an experienced campaigner instead of trying to do it by yourself.

03. Very easy to engage with customers

Social media lets you interact with your customers easier and faster. Such fast response rate increased the credibility of your business and let you enjoy better conversion rates. Customers usually don’t want to wait hours to get their queries answered; through social media, you can communicate with your customers very fast.

04. It promotes brand loyalty

When your customers have an easier and faster way to be in touch with your business, they are likely to be your loyal customers. Such approach, eventually, helps you retain existing customers with more trust and attract new clients too. When you have a solid loyal customer base, your revenue generation becomes more stable. So, promoting your brand loyalty through social media has become an inevitable aspect today.

05. Social media marketing boosts your SEO rankings

As you may know, SEO requirements are constantly changing. Nowadays, you can expect better SERP rankings if you maintain active and relevant social media profile. The businesses that are sharing relevant and useful content through social media gain better search engine rankings than the others.

In addition to the points mentioned above, there are plenty of other benefits associated with social media marketing. That is why almost all the businesses across the globe maintain very strong social media profiles.

However, to experience the true benefits of a social media marketing campaign, you should do it with some dedication, professionalism and consistency. That is exactly why you should hire a professional social media marketing campaigner like Dubai Multi Market Services. They are a team of professionals with many years of experience, loads of creativity and full of updated knowledge. If you hire such professional as your social media marketing agent, it is an investment that delivers both short and long-term benefits.


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